Paper #3 of 2019: of molecules and ecologists

A side note – I record everything I read in Endnote by adding the keyword read and the year. I just searched read2018 and not a single damn paper. Hard to believe but I think I skimmed a bunch. So 2019 is starting out great with three papers! I don’t include manuscripts I reviewed (three of four of those).  I started an Endnote folder called “Blog it” for papers I need to review for my own benefit. The three papers so far haven’t been part of that folder and there are currently 421 entries to get to. No pressure.

The paper I just finished was

Creer, S., et al. (2016). “The ecologist’s field guide to sequence-based identification of biodiversity.” Methods in Ecology and Evolution 7(9): 1008-1018.

I thought there would be more tidbits for me but the paper was focused on soil and water sampling. A good read nonetheless to help me converse with my colleagues and to think about ecological communities as functional organisms and genes rather that just plants and birds.

And now on the monster that is the book..








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