Dear Editor, I need more time. Thanks, Editor (that’s me)

I’m producing an edited volume that’s a review of Neotropical birds and their biology – everything thing from historical biogeography to climate change.  I lined up authors months ago and then the spring semester happened, then the bird surveys happened. I was out of touch with my authors (my fault).

The deadline was May for rough drafts and I still only have two (yikes). So I sent an email out to my authors and most responded positively but all needed more time (that’s probably my fault for not sending out reminders). I only had one drop out but I lined up another just a few hours later – a key chapter too. I have yet to hear from my the author of my lead off chapter so that makes me nervous.

The structure of the book looks like this: historical biogeography (sets the stage), some evolutionary relationships, life history traits, diseases, ecosystem services, insectivory, frugivory, North American migrants in the tropics, South American migrants in the tropics (yes, that’s a thing), climate change, conservation, human dimensions. In total there’s twenty chapters – for now.

If I can get an extension, I’m going to recruit a few more authors – there’s a number of long-term projects that could be covered, there’s only a few groups covered in the evolutionary relationships chapter, etc.

So today is about trying to get an extension for the book: moving my deadline from December to February.

Brown Jay in Belize

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